A Letter from Laurie

LETTERS TO LEIGH – Stephanie and Leigh – It’s time for some gratitude.  Last summer, I joined Leigh’s regular Non Profit Networking Zoom calls.  And through those calls, I met Stephanie.  And through Stephanie I got involved with Budget Buddies.

Last July I started as a financial literacy coach. I participated in two different sessions and I found it so fulfilling.  Today I got a call and on Monday I’ll be facilitating a 13 week program as a program lead.  A different role that will challenge me in new ways.

I’m grateful to have found Leigh in the spring of 2019 – that is when I joined my first in person Non Profit Networking group high above the ground near the State House building.  I remember meeting John Huycke at that morning event as well. I thought I was so out of place as a sector switcher.  What a welcoming group indeed.

Thank you again for all the networking, introductions, and encouragement.

A Letter from Sarah

LETTERS TO LEIGH – Hi Leigh, I wanted to share my good news with you. I am going to be part-time Interim ED at Helping Hands Monkey Helpers in Boston. In the breakout session at the last nonprofit executive meeting, you suggested I position myself as an interim. And through CCT, I found that this group had this transition going on, so I offered my services as interim. And yesterday I was hired!