From Bored 2 Board (FB2B) is an extension of the Nonprofit Executives networking group.

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“Too many people are not sharing their expertise, business intelligence and resources with the communities most in need. FB2B is here to help.”

FB2B Brings Together:

  1. Those individuals who want to find a Board of Director’s role that meets their interests and qualifications and
  2. Organizations seeking the opportunity to meet with new, prospective Board Members. Both Individuals and Organizations can post their qualifications/needs on the site, to help facilitate outreach and connection.


Leigh in his role as an invested Nonprofit Consultant and avid networker, beyond just NPE, is consistently asked for recommendations by both individuals and Organizations. FB2B allows him to help make introductions.

If you have a listing published before January 30, 2023, please CLICK HERE to request access to edit your listing.