Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) | Interim CMO | CMO Advisor & Coach to Private Equity SaaS Software port. cos., GTM Strategist: Gets Sales, Product, and Marketing aligned.
Interested in:
Civic, Environmental, Conservation & Wildlife/Animals, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare - Nonprofit
Areas of expertise:
Entrepreneurship, Marketing / Communications / Advertising

Detailed Information

Optimizes Sales & Marketing Alignment as a Fractional CMO, Interim CMO, CMO Executive Advisor and Coach. I love building marketing strategies & infrastructure with customer-led growth to accelerate profitable growth. I help private equity & venture investors improve ROI across their portfolio companies. My finance, general management, marketing, and sales background helps me work well with CFOs, C-suites, and board members.
– Strong relationships as a trusted advisor to my clients and being a valued ELT member.
– Advising and mentoring CMOs. I advised 108 CMOs at Forrester and SiriusDecisions.
– Creating remarkable customer experiences to drive growth.
– Driving NPS 3.0, gross & net retention, and customer lifetime value — Leading indicators of ROI and financial performance.
– Getting Sales and Marketing on the same page.
– Innovating SaaS Software, healthcare technology, SaaS, systems, services to improve peoples’ lives.
– Leveraging my global and cross-functional experiences as I lead marketing teams or mentor CMOs to improve marketing’s business value and improve cross-functional alignment between sales, product management, customer success, finance, and marketing.
– Tapping my professional network to accelerate value creation.

Domain experience:
SaaS Software, Health IT, High Tech, medical & dental devices, digital health, remote monitoring, regenerative biologics, health insurance, surgical, recurring revenue, and BPO models.

EXPERIENCE: CMO and General Manager at Healthcare and technology firms, Forrester and SiriusDecisions CMO Executive Advisor, Analyst, and Healthcare Segment Leader, Expert witness in marketing & distributional channel litigations.

CURRENTLY: Fractional CMO, Interim CMO, CMO Executive Advisor, Coach and Mentor

Marketing Leadership | Account Based Marketing (ABM) | P&L Management| | Business and Marketing Strategy | Competitive Analysis | Segmentation | M&A | Brand Strategy | Social Media | Six Sigma | Net Promoter Score 3.0 | Customer Experience Management | Demand Management | B2B and B2B2C | Marketing Plans | Digital Transformations | Product-to-Audience Transformations | Revenue Engine Alignment | Marketing Organizational Design | CMO Dashboards and Marketing Value | Buyer and Customer Journeys | Marketing Staff Enablement | Integrated Campaign Management | Disruptive Innovations | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Marketing Operations | Product Marketing | Sales Enablement |