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Position Description BAMSI is seeking diverse and dynamic professionals who have a passion to serve the community and the ability to meaningfully contribute to BAMSIÕs mission. BAMSI is currently most interested in recruiting board members with a background/expertise in facilities, marketing, IT, fundraising, state contracting, or law but anyone interested is encouraged to apply. Serving on BAMSIÕs Board of Directors is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about serving the community, empowering others, and developing as a leader. Board members are expected to:
    • Support BAMSIÕs mission through volunteering time, supporting fundraising activities, and making financial contributions;
    • Attend regular, monthly meetings via Zoom and quarterly meetings in person at various BAMSI program locations;
    • Serve on one or more committees of the board and actively participate in committee work;
    • Become an ambassador for BAMSI in the community; and
    • Advise BAMSIÕs leadership and provide guidance to the organization in your area(s) of expertise.
About BAMSI BAMSI helps people of all ages, regardless of circumstances, live more independent and healthful lives by providing a comprehensive network of services addressing developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental illness, substance use, and social determinants of health such as housing and nutrition. In 2021, over 50,000 individuals and families across 5 Massachusetts counties received personalized care from one of BAMSIÕs 1,800 dedicated and compassionate employees. BAMSIÕs Board of Directors is composed of community and business leaders dedicated upholding BAMSIÕs mission and values and maintaining BAMSIÕs position as a human services leader. As a state certified minority nonprofit organization, BAMSI is committed to diversity and inclusion at every level and strives for excellence in all it does.
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